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I am a digital strategist and freelance online marketer with over 10 years experience.

Hi, I’m Nick Drewe. I’ve been working for digital ad networks, global media agencies, and all sorts of businesses for the last 10 years, helping them to reach their customers online, and grow their digital audiences.

These days, I work remotely, designing products, and creating tools, and experiences as a freelance digital strategist,  that add value to to businesses and users.

I occasionally work with new clients and take on new projects. If you would like to chat, please get in touch.

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I’m fascinated by the way we communicate and share ourselves and our experiences online.

It was this curiosity that gave me the idea to successfully predict the Hottest 100, the world’s largest music countdown, using data from social media.

The same curiosity inspired me to built apps, tools and experiences like Churn, Ruffle, and LOCATION: Unassigned, which aim to change the way we discover content and communicate with each other.

And it was curiosity that drove me to investigate and write about things like Instagram’s hilarious sex censorship, and break other stories that have been picked up and covered by almost every major tech news site out there.

Among other places, I’ve had my work featured in:


The Biggest Secret I’ve Learned As A Digital Marketer

I’m going to share with you the biggest secret that I have learned as a digital strategist and online marketer.

Create original things that add value.

It’s that simple. The most effective way to get people to care about your product or service, or whatever you’re selling, is to create something that adds value to the people you are trying to reach.

The best strategies for reaching potential customers, or growing an online audience don’t start with questions like “How do I get more visitors to my website?” or “How do I grow my Facebook Likes?” or “How do I make more sales?“. If you ask the same standard questions as everyone else, you’re going to get the same standard results.

The most effective way to reach and connect with people who are interested in what you have is to ask the question, “How do I add value to the people I want to reach?”.

I develop strategies, tools, and products and answer this question.

I occasionally work with new clients and take on new projects. If you would like to chat, please get in touch.

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