Ruffle App


Ruffle is the first app built by Matt Way and I, mostly during a 3 week visit by Matt to Vietnam in 2015. It is available for Android on Google Play, and on the Apple App Store.


Ruffle is is an anonymous picture messaging app that lets you send anonymous snaps to anyone in your phone’s contact list. You know who you’re sending the message to, but the receiver will have no idea who sent it to them. It’s all about in-jokes, “Ruffling” your friends, and having a whole lot of fun.

SMS As A Growth Tool

With Ruffle, we were interested in exploring SMS as a growth and user-acquisition tool. SMS and phone calls are the two platforms that are almost guaranteed to be available to every smartphone user in the world, almost any other method of communication requires an app.

So we built Ruffle around the idea that you can use the app to send a message to any user already in your phone’s contact list, and we would send them a notification (from Ruffle, and only one notification ever, per number) to let them know that their friends have Ruffled them using the app.

Swipe To De-pixelate

Because Ruffle is anonymous, we wanted to help users avoid seeing anything they might find offensive, so we developed an ingenious method of slowly de-pixelating an image as the user swipes their finger across a smartphone screen. The more you swipe, the higher resolution the image appears.