location unassigned

Location: Unassigned

LOCATION: Unassigned is my answer to questions like, “What is going on around me, right now?” and “Where can I get a good coffee, within a 5 minute walk?”, using photos from Instagram. Think of it as an Instagram feed that captures everything happening your immediate surroundings, or any other place in the world, for that matter.

Location Unassigned

I built LOCATION: Unassigned while living in Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a. Saigon), Vietnam, in 2015, and exploring the city’s incredible cafe scene, working from a new cafe almost ever day. There are a lot of blog posts in English by expats and travellers, documenting Saigon’s cafes better-known cafes. But to find the good ones, the hidden gems, you need to dig a little deeper. For me, that meant using Instagram.

Using Instagram’s Hidden Feature

Instagram has a hidden feature, that you probably don’t know about – unless you’ve read Instagram’s API documentation – that lets you search for photos within a particular geographic location and radius. That means, it is possible to see all of the posts that are being posted in any location around the world. I’ve made this feature available through LOCATION: Unassigned.

Location Unassigned Screenshot

Discovering New Places With Instagram

LOCATION: Unassigned works so well for discovering new places, because of the way people share using Instagram. People love posting photos of the things they enjoy, people love showing off the places they go, and in Saigon, people love posting photos from the coolest new cafe they have discovered.

There is a massive, local social network and discovery tool built right in to Instagram, but no one is using it yet. LOCATION: Unassigned has become my go-to tool when I first land in a new city to see what is happening around me, at any moment.

Give LOCATION: Unassigned a try yourself