Embeddable Instagram Maps

Embeddable Instagram Maps is a tool I built that lets bloggers, Instagrammers, photographers, and travellers easily embed maps of their photo journeys on their blog or website.

The tool is simple, you login with your Instagram account, and select a number of recent days, or a date range, and set an optional hashtag. The result is an embeddable widget that maps out any photos you’ve taken, with locations included, that match the criteria, to share on your blog or website.


Last year my friend, travel photographer, and food blogger, Jimmy Dau sent me a Facebook message as he prepared to leave Australia for a four month road trip across North America. One of the most prolific Instagrammers I know, Jimmy wanted to map his road trip, which he had already titles #JimmyEatsAmerica, through Google Maps, using photos from Instagram as he went.

“How hard would it be to¬†build something like this. Just something that pulls a hashtag onto Google Maps. I want to do it for my road trip. #JimmyEatsAmerica.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the map built in time for Jimmy’s journey, but the idea has been at the top of my mental “things to build” list ever since. I’m constantly interested in new ways to mashup different social data sources, and if Jimmy was interested, surely other travel bloggers, photographers and Instagrammers would be interested too.

Here’s how Jimmy’s road trip turned out.

Embeddable Instagram Maps is now live on The Data Pack, my social data workshop.